Travel To England

Изображение с названием Move to England Step 1

Part 1 of 3: Find a way.

  1. Meet the visa information. The British Government website has an easy online form that will help you understand the type of visa you need. Look here. Most immigrants will need a specific visa that allows them to live and possibly work in Britain for a certain amount of time. Determining which type of visa you need to apply, follow the reference. You'd better make a statement in a few months.
    • You can find more information on immigration and travel, as well as on the demands made for the continuation of this section.
    • The United Kingdom is a State composed of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. You don't need a special visa for England.
  2. Know the rights of citizens of European States. If you are a citizen of one of the States of the European Economic Zone (EEA), you have the right to live and work in Britain. It includes all countries of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Swiss citizens also have this right.
    • All you need is a passport that proves your nationality. Although this is not required, you can also provide a registration certificate.Изображение с названием Move to England Step 2 It can help you prove your rights to various benefits.
    • Members of the family of European citizens who are not citizens of Europe themselves should apply for a visa. They may apply for permanent residence after a member of a European citizen ' s family has worked in Britain for five years.
  3. Look for work in Britain. Look at the,, or If the British company wants to hire you, you can file a visa.Изображение с названием Move to England Step 3 For what time, depending on your work:
    • Level 2 visas are available for high demand areas listed here. You may also have a chance if you are transferred to another branch of an international company, and if your employer can prove that the work cannot be performed by a local employee. In this case, the right to reside is generally granted for a period of three years, which may be extended to six years.
    • The 5th level visas permit temporary work from 6 months to 2 years. If you do not meet the criteria of the 2nd level visa, look for work in charitable organizations, go to the sports service, select an artist or a religious worker.
    • Level 1 visas are available only for people starting business, making multi-million dollar investments in pounds, for people recognized by leaders in this field. They are issued for five years and may be extended to 10.
  4. I want you to register as a student at British school. To that end, you must own English and have enough living money. You can stay until you're finished, plus a few more months. You'll only be able to do the work you need for your course.
  5. Pass on other visas. There are several ways to move to Britain for a longer period. This requires special circumstances, most often:
    • Family (change of distance and status of work): available in cases of reunion with spouse, fiancé/fiancé, child if people meet for two or more years. Also available if you need the care of family members living in Britain.
    • British origin visa (5 years with work permit). A man must be a Commonwealth citizen, grandparents must be born in Britain.
    • Level 5 visa for young people (2 years with work permit): for citizens of certain countries between 18 and 30 years.
    • Gostova Visa (usually 6 months, with no right to work) for extreme cases. If you have a living money, you can come on a guest visa and then get a job and file a work permit. The odds are small, but even if you can't, you can rest well.

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