Cargo Services

Услуги грузчиков в Воронеже

Fixed payment

Many clients need to know the exact cost of their work. In this case, the most appropriate option would be the choice of a fixed tariff. Our specialists will analyse the volume of work and call the final price, which will not change after the order has been executed, even if there are complications due to traffic, broken elevator and other problems. Cost may be increased only if the order itself changes: for example, more items will be needed than planned. We recommend that this method of calculation be chosen if you want to order moving keytransport of a large number of things, long distance transport, a large range of services, and if you need to know the exact amount before the order is issued.

hourly payment

The specialist will examine the specificities of your order, roughly calculate the length of its implementation and report both to the approximate price of work and to the tariffs for proposed services. He will also discuss all factors that affect the cost of work. Thanks to this information, you can easily decide which services you need. The final value is determined after performance. It tends to be slightly different from what the specialist calls when ordering. This option is most advantageous if you want to do some work on your own, like packing furniture. It is also convenienced when a short distance or loading and unloading of a small volume of things is planned.

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