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Даёт ли покупка недвижимости право на ПМЖ в ГерманииDreams

A permanent residence in Germany is an ideal country, a dream of many, as is the purchase of real estate. Let us see if we can combine two dreams into one: to buy real estate in Germany and to get the right to a MPW in this country.

Alternative decision

What do you mean, the German PM? If you live more than 180 days a year in Germany, your permanent residence is the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition to the obvious advantages of moving to Germany, there are also hidden shortcomings. For example, by gaining the right to MPW in Germany, a person becomes a tax resident in Germany and pays taxes on all his income under German tax law. And tax rates in this country are known to be one of the highest in the world. Many do not take this nuance into account. And leaving the country becomes less economically attractive. A multi-time annual visa for 180 days in the country could be a suitable prospect. If this is not an option, then we consider more detailed arrangements for obtaining the right to the MIP.

Real property and foot

To date, German legislation does not have direct dependence on the right to MPW in Germany on the acquisition of German real property. Although the careful wording of the German Law on Stay in Germany provides some basis for different interpretations of this interesting issue.
In normal cases, Russian citizens ' stay in Germany is governed by the Law on Stay in Germany (AufenthG). The Act (para. 7, para. 1, proposal 2) clearly specifies all grounds on which a foreigner may obtain a residence permit. Read the law further and see that the main grounds for obtaining permission to stay in Germany are three points: family reunification, work or study in Germany (2nd chapter, sections 3-7 of the German Stay Act). However, the following sentence (third) ibid. (No. 7.1.3.) indicates that, in reasonable cases, a stay may be granted on other grounds not specified in the law.

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