Habarovsk Crossings

Переезды Хабаровск (Хабаровск)

Repair of the Habarovsk level crossings will complicate the lives of amateurs.

August 16, AmurMedia. Repairs at the Habarovsk level crossings, which will begin on 17 August, will make it a little difficult to move. In the course of repairs, amateurs will only have to travel on one lane, informed IA AmurMedia in the press service of the Far East Railway, a branch of the Russian Railways.

Construction of road repairs in the railway area I'm sorry. Pacific In Habarovsk, traffic will be hampered from 22.00 hours on 17 August to 07.00 hours on 18 August 2016. Road traffic will be organized in one lane.

Drivers are asked to refuse to travel through the move, or to use the exit. Pacific, down the street. Jambula on the way out. Pacific St. Ordzhonikidze.

Also in connection with the construction of road repairs in the railway area Saltykov Szedrina In Habarovsk, the movement of vehicles (organized on one lane) will be hampered from 1800 hours on 18 August to 8 p.m. on 18 August 2016. From 2000 hours on 18 August to 00.00 hours on 19 August, the movement of vehicles will be closed, and from 00.00 hours on 19 August to 02.00 hours on 19 August 2016 traffic will be difficult (organized on one road).

We request drivers to refrain from travelling through this relocation from 1,800 hours on 18 August to 02.00 hours on 19 August or to use bypass. The Pacific, in the ear of Professor Danilovsky, down the street. Cleanerie, down the street. Sanatorium on the way out. Pacific across the street. Lawyer.

The railway management requests drivers to take this information into account when planning travel at that time and to understand the temporary inconvenience associated with repairs.

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