Transport With Cargo

tran-16TC-Treste provides you with a variety of relocation services in Moscow and Moscow. We're doing a full range of work, ranging from packing your property and cleaning up furniture in a room where things are required to collecting interior items, putting them in your wish and cleaning in a new apartment or office.

We can order a low-cost move, selecting a package of services from the available list, where the main ones are:

  • Crossing the key,
  • Frequency rental of a truck
  • Rental of the cargo crew.
tran-8Transfer costs with cargoes
Gas (standard) + 2 3,600 p.
Box + 2 6,000 p.
Zil + 2 cargoes 7 500 p.

Depending on your specific case, our managers will pick up a combination of services you need, offering additional options for moving.

The transport of things and objects of the interior may be large or small, complex or sufficiently simple, expensive or cheap. But in any case, in companies that provide cargo services For moving and renting freight transport, the following modes of transport are distinguished:

  • Quarterly move,
  • Office move.

Long-term relocations may be added to the apartments, as well as furniture disposal services, all with regard to the transport of private (physical) assets.

The main difference in moving the apartment from the office is the size and quantity of large items. The payment of tactical work is at a sufficiently high price compared to the value of normal recovery and disposal.

There is also a difference between the relocation of the office and the number of goods required to move: a small house move is costly in this case, while the transport of office equipment usually requires the presence of 10 and more qualified transport company personnel.

In the case of the carriage of goods from one apartment to another relocation service, it is almost always costly: a small cargo truck, only a couple of cargo trucks and a minimum time of rental of equipment and a working crew are required for work.

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