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Residence and work permit

What types of permits exist and for what time are they valid?

The duration of the permits depends on the length of the employment contract:

L (temporary residence permit) Employment contract for less than one year. Six months for students or 18 months for key staff (establishment / company base, new staff training).

Decision B (annual residence permit)
A work contract for one year or more or an indefinite period. Legal residence in Switzerland. It's possible for family members to live. The annual extension of the permit is a simple formality.

Permission G (Transborder seasonal resolution)
Employment contract for less than one year. The duration of the residence permit corresponds to the duration of the contract. Daily return to the country of residence.

Permission C (permanent residence permit)
Allowed after 5 years of permanent residence in Switzerland. Except for the right to vote, to be elected to public office and to perform compulsory military service, the holders of such permits shall be equal to Swiss citizens. The right of persons permanently residing in Switzerland to self-employment is particularly important.

I'd like to work in Switzerland. What should I take into account?

The possibility of working in Switzerland is guided by the principle " You cannot start working without permission " . In order to obtain authorization, the following conditions must be fulfilled during the transitional period:

National priority: The employer must provide evidence that he/she has not found another employee (e.g. a Swiss citizen or a foreign worker already integrated into the Swiss labour market) to fill the job.

Checks on wages and working conditions: for the protection of employees, these conditions are subject to verification in the issuance of permits; they must be in line with established practice, both in the local market and in general in the industry.

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