Peter Move

Переезд в Питер из Москвы

Friends! For those who do not know:

I've been renovating Quarter in St. Petersburg and Leningrad.

Over 200 apartments have been made from cosmetics to complex design repairs.

I now have three teams of skilled Russian craftsmen with great experience, and we can reasonably save for repair and make it really good.

What you get when you choose our team:

First-class professionals who know about the renovation of premises all!
We propose a fundamentally different approach to the organization and execution of repairs: complete transparency of the work, bold decisions, respectful communication and adequate prices.

We're not a firm, we're a team of modern people who can offer much more than just flat walls and a new floor. We have a lot of interesting ideas backed up by experience, and we have great pleasure in pursuing your even most inconvenient ideas!

You have a full range of services:

а departure of professional
НО estimates
у consultation on the Calculation and Compilation of Building Materials
ных full spectrum of repair work up and down.
а Matrimonial order with 20-30% Skid
Management of questions with the services of the SC
ов own transport for the delivery of Stroypes
а Total Transparency
х Mean financial report on work done
ка cleaning of premises after repair
на guarantee for repair 3 years

Friends, I'm glad I have the opportunity to share my experience with you and to actually support you in the renovation of your apartment.

Our team has been working as slaves and craftsmen with experience in the division of apartments for over 20 years. We'll help find a balance between beautiful, reliable and affordable repairs.

If you've made the DEA REMOUNT, you have the opportunity to get a 7% scoop for this announcement.

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