Like Packing Things To Move

Relocation is the second-largest disaster after repair. However, the right packagings, the systematization of things before the package, the easy recordings and the counting will help to make the baggage transport a perfectly normal situation.

In the photo:

1. Start prepping. If moving outside the mountains, moving packagings and anything that might be useful in that capacity, as well as useful packing materials, spare at any convenient time. Don't throw boxes out of shoe, large household equipment and other, especially hard-core acquisitions. Then you'll have to buy the money you need in less volume, but Packing of things It won't turn into a headache.

2. Get rid of the redneck. Relocation is a good reason to review the usefulness of each item. Things you haven't used for two years, remove immediately, I don't think there's a new place where your hands go. Do it twice.

The shirt and jacket box. If you agree, it's hard to put in vacuum or conventional bags of carefully undeclared clothes. Especially if your wardrobe is based on shards and business suits, which will have to be evaporated for not one hour. Get some boxes for the carriage of clothes on your shoulders. You're just moving the suits from the closet to the mobile wardrobe and keeping it until the new house has a dressing cabinet.

In the photo: clothing boxes from Delivery.

3. Systematize the frequency of use. Make three sets of things, one is what you use frequently and regularly. The second is just from time to time. The third, which is " just in case " . First of all, pack your bags from the first group, and third of them, the last thing is, you're gonna get rid of some of them by the end of the process. When you're unpacking, you're doing the same thing, then you'll be able to put everything you need within the limits of easy accessibility.

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