Sayansk Quarterly

квартирные офисные переезд
Good day!
Also in the choice of cars, I noticed that trucks were very small. I've decided to write mine. Maybe it'll help me figure out how to choose. Nyssan Atlas 1996. Complexation: Japanese radio (replaced on a radio magnetol), on springs, with air conditioner, rudder fogs. The color is white. Gp 1500kg, butler 600kg. Mechanic. Back at 12, front 14. Removal control and altitude. Found it in February 2007. I got it. I looked at Dunu, Toyoice and Atlas. Atlas's remarks are very reliable TD-27 moves, the GMT is six-wheeled, and it's safe to avoid ruptures or vegetation. Plus, I really needed an orphan, so I watched the move in good shape, everything else is done. Got into Ussuriyske Atlas with an orphanage, the move didn't blow up all the modes, but it didn't develop more than 2,000 speeds, and the front wheels clearly needed to go off. There was a virgin purity in the butterfly throat, no hint of sediment. Nobody pays attention to small cats on trucks. I finally decided to take a walk in Ussurisk for 6.5 roubles, on the way to Sayansk, to adjust the fuel equipment for 2 roubles, the car was running out of fun and rolling to maximum, although I'm over 2,000, the most economical mode. I bought Bridgestone's winter lip. Ordered a tent with two positions at 180cm high and low 125cm. No more than the planned TV. After two years and 45,000 km, the flower's only. The oil is every 5,000 km with the semisynthetic filter. In all the time, the debris changed the ACB and the glass washwasher dried out and it had to be silenced. But it's fine on three jickers. Already on his way home, he made a toolbox, there's a lot under his cousin's office, got in no trouble. There's a minus on the road, probably the only one that's going to freeze the right leg, because the air's closing the steering column. A little scared of the back rubber at 12, but wrapped in the lip, didn't cause any trouble. Although a lot of people wrote that the winter problem. When I changed, I wanted to, like it was on the back drive, swing around. It was astonishing as it was when the car started to move on the arc, almost writing into the enemy, almost in the surgob. Yeah, maybe the same wheels would be more comfortable, but I have a load height much lower than the rest. This year Krajnodar winter was real for a month with snow and ice. I left without a problem, I went out a few times, but I didn't have to get out of here. There's a winter rubber, the road holds a lot, a bit of ice, and in the snow, no problem, no matter what, no matter what, not even in the empty car. Plus, if you're all buryed in the summer in the sand, you're throwing an orphan, you're gonna put a man in there and you're gonna bury him. My failure was to find a CD rubber in Ussurisk, time was tight. Now you have to spend the season shift on retraining. We'll have to redo it, because the summer rubber of the cow on the ice doesn't even leave the yard.

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