Transfer To Israel

Переезд в Израиль: трудности


The Israeli segment of the Russian-speaking Internet is covered by another war. On Thursday, at the presentation of the Jerusalem Journal, a poet Igor Irtenev publicly hit the face of Alex Tarna ' s literary. In explaining his actions, Irtenyev called Tarna " sub-tuncom " , who wrote a few months ago " his wife, Alle Bossart. Alex Tarn claims that he has not written any " negligence " , is called Irtenyev " Staricom Bossart " , and that his actions are " dictatorial " .

The auditorium is said to have been divided in two ways, and the divisions are taking place around the watershed between the old-fashioned and the newcomers from the so-called " satellite " who have arrived in Israel in recent years. " The Watikas " , sympathizing with Tarna, the Irtenyev and Bossart Fifth Column, the " satellite bomond " and other exquisite expressions. " Small " protect poets and fear the aggressiveness of " local " .

All of this could be considered a private matter of the parties to the conflict, yet another sad manifestation of the long-standing intolerance of the “Russian” emigrants, their constant willingness to hate each other for no serious reason. But there is also an element of undeniable public interest in the web-based battles around the dulli. This is the clash of various value systems: the " satellite " alia has brought to Israel the views and beliefs that are very different from those of their predecessors.

For the socially active representatives of the " big Aliy " , which the previous wave ' s repatriates have been humiliatingly referred to as " slash " , one of the roots of self-realization, evidence of " successful absorption " and the new country ' s integration has become an elusive Israeli " patriotism " . The " Rous Street " , which is unable to unite to protect basic and pressing common interests, is manifested by invisible cohesion and aggression when it comes to protecting the State of Israel from both real and deliberate " enemies " .

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