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Изображение с названием Move to Canada Step 1

Part 1 of 2: Preparation for entry into the country

  1. Make sure you have the right to enter the country. Before you move to Canada, you must make sure you're allowed to enter the country. You may be denied relocation for many reasons. The reasons may be as follows:
    • Violation of international law or human rights
    • Validity
    • Health status
    • Financial reasons
    • Disclosures
    • Non-compliance with the Refugee Emigration and Protection Act
    • Presence of not an entry family member
  2. Study different categories of residence permit. To move to Canada, you must file official documents and get a residence permit. Otherwise, your relocation and residence will be considered illegal and you can be deported. There are several categories for which you can obtain a residence permit. These categories include:
    • Qualified workers and graduates. Many believe that this is the most effective way to obtain a Canadian residence permit. You can file this category if you have at least one year experience in the management, professional or specialized field.Изображение с названием Move to Canada Step 2 Immigration officials will consider your age, experience, education and the scope of your work.
    • Immigration programme for businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors. People who are entrepreneurs, professional investors or own business can obtain such visas. Investors who chose this category of immigration need to have their own capital of at least $10 million.
    • Candidates from the provinces. A residence permit under this program can be obtained when a particular Canadian province chooses you. However, this is very rare.
    • Family sponsorship. According to this category, you can move to Canada if you already have someone here who agrees to sponsor your move.
    • Quebec Immigration Program. The programme is similar to the provincial capitals programme. The exception is that, on behalf of the Federal Government, you are chosen by the Government of Quebec Province. It is intended for students, businessmen, seasonal workers, members of Canadian families and refugees wishing to move to Quebec province.
    • International adoption.Изображение с названием Move to Canada Step 3 Under an international adoption programme, if Canadian citizens adopt/ adopt a child from another country, he/she will be granted a Canadian residence permit.
    • Refugees. Persons who have left their country for reasons of their own security may also apply a residence permit. There may also be sponsorship to cover the costs of document processing and relocation to Canada.
    • Homework. If you're going to Canada to look after this country's resident, then you can file a visa.
    • Immigration programme for entrepreneurs. If you work for yourself, then you can file a visa for businessmen and entrepreneurs. Know that you will have to prove that your annual income is at least $40000, and that you will continue to earn the same living in Canada.
  3. Step up the process of obtaining a residence permit. Choose a program that matches your situation most accurately and receives a visa.Изображение с названием Move to Canada Step 4 For example, if you're an entrepreneur and you're going to move to Canada, then you're gonna have to fill out some other documents than that. to Canadato look after someone.
    • If you're a qualification expert and you want to speed up the move to Canada, then you can fill the online Express Entry profile. Here, you must complete your personal data, information on the level of the language and provide documents confirming your qualifications. If you have no work yet, you will have to register with the Canadian Labour Exchange (Government of Canada’s Job Bank).
    • If you choose a program for entrepreneurs, investors, qualification professionals in Quebec province, family sponsorship or provincial candidates, then you will have to send your application by mail.
  4. Pay the registration fee. The registration fee is quite large, especially if your husband and children are also emigrating to the country. For example, the Express Entry registration fee for one person amounts to $550. But if you take one of the spouses and a child with you, that amount increases to $1,250.
    • You'll have to pay the registration fee in full, otherwise your application may not be processed.
  5. Wait for a visa. Know that the answer might come in a little while. Even if you filed an application through the Express Entry form, the answer could come in six months. So apply as soon as you want to move to Canada. Don't do it a month or a week before you move, do it as soon as you can.
    • If your application is rejected, then you'll have to file it again, but only if your situation has changed dramatically. You can't appeal the decision.
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