Travel To Village

First of all, so far, the most important question is, if you move, where? You should think about buying a house with a place to run, but buying a house is just as hard as it is, not just paper.

In the first place, it is the choice of a settlement point: in deaf terms, the " dying " or " dead " village, there is no problem in buying a house, and there is almost nothing there (experienced exclusively from Ukrainian realities) but there is little room in the house. Buying a house in a living village is better, but it'll cost a lot. So what do you want? I offer exclusive observations from my experience.

Now, the house in the dead of a built-up place is good only if you have a very good financial situation or you're a skilled man and have learned how to handle the lowest. It must be understood that it did not just die, but it did not survive in competition with others like this because of its distance from the blague of civilization. These are stores with the necessary supplies, medical care, veterinary services, electricity, roads, and if you want even the militia or the MES.

If your finances are very good, and you have a normal vehicle, you can bring it to the nearest settlement point after a doctor or a windman, if you need anything, buy it, etc. Electricity can be obtained through alternative methods, but this is the same condition that finances are very good because many of these sources are not cheap.

The advantage of this location is that you are far from all sorts of " distributors " , which is how you decided to settle in silence. But in my view, there are some minus that you will have to teach your children yourself or take them to school next door. In the event of any danger or difficulties, there is no one to ask for assistance.

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