Order A Gasoline To Move

Transport on Moscow and the field can be arranged as cheaply as possible if the use of a Gazal. This universal vehicle is convenient for all types of moves and is cost-effective. The order of Gaza to move along with the services of the cargoes would speed up and simplify the procedure and reduce costs. The body will contain many assets that will be delivered safely. If you want hire Gaza to move or the transport of bought furniture, please contact us!

Vehicle prices

Value:1,850 roubles.
Additional hour:500 shirts.
1 km for CID:18 shirts.



Dimensions of the booth:
4.1 x 2 x 2.2 m
  • tall booth, any furniture without laying
  • 1 trip

Benefits of ordering Gaza

The Gazelle Marker is the best option for many transport tasks. This machine has a wide range of advantages over other models:

  • Manoeuvre. It's easy to travel at a cost-free and narrow distance, which makes it convenient to move away from time to time.
  • Savings. Wet lease cost from low fuel consumption.
  • Safe property. Transport of goods to Gaza is safe. The gentle suspension provides a regular ride without a strong shave.
  • Power. When selecting Gazali for furniture, there is no need to deal with large items.
  • Loading. Acquisition of a one-time transport of things in large quantities and weight.

Transporting things to Gaza with the cargo is cost-effective, speed-friendly, safe for the property.


We're conducting an operational evaluation with the departure of the agent and without the phone from your description. The most accurate assessment is made when our manager leaves. Evaluator's exit is free.

And we'll make you an accurate calculation of the cost of moving on the phone, taking into account all the existing shares and discounts, or we'll arrange a quick exit of the assessor to your facility.


We're always willing to provide you with additional services, such as the delivery of packaging material, the removal of garbage, the disposal of large-scale debris and furniture, the responsible storage of your things.

Shares and discounts

Our company has a variety of remodels and discounts on night moves, weekend moves, discounts to permanent customers and their familiars. Call us and we'll offer you the best price in our segment.

Payment and delivery

The delivery of the package is carried out in Moscow and Moscow on the preliminary application. We're bringing your order to an agreed time and place on our truck.

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