Transport Of Things

The transport of goods is a very demanded service that Fariq Transport provides at a high professional level. We guarantee safe transportation of any property, affordable prices and accurate compliance with the specified time limits. Depending on the client ' s wishes, we can offer a few options for the carriage of personal effects, from the economic tariff to the key work.

Our company is transporting clothing, furniture and appliances, books, room plants, aquariums, antiques and any other delicate items.

The transport of things in Moscow and the field may be carried on one of the scenarios proposed below:

  • We only rent cars. The client is self-sufficient in packing, loading and unloading things, and we're providing a car to transport them to the right address. It's the most cost-effective way to make things really cheap.
  • Order a car with a cargo crew. The client only organizes packing/packing; the loading, transport and unloading of property are performed by our company.
  • Transporting home things to key. Our employees pack, load, transport, unload and distribute things in a new place, as the client wishes.

The choice of the tariff depends on the budget, time and human resources available to the client. In any case, we are fulfilling our commitments in a qualitative, expeditious and timely manner.

To move personal belongings with the Fabric Relocation.

If necessary transporting things. In Podmoskovier or within the capital, go boldly to our company. Among our main advantages:

  • own vehicle;
  • qualified, polite and hidden staff;
  • Minimum cost of transport;
  • the services of " long-term movement of things " ;
  • services discount.

We can also provide a service for the responsible storage of your assets in case the relocation requires their temporary accommodation at the third address.

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