Buy Boxes To Move The Mosquito

Коробки для переезда от

It's not a secret that a special package is needed for an office or apartment move. She needs a little bit of ease, strength, reliability. But... Not all the packaging materials you need.♪ For example, polyethylene films are not used so often. Wooden boxes, in single cases. And the best package for years has been a box of cardboard. What's the reason they're stable?

Removal package is considered a transport tar. Its purpose is to protect the cargo on its way. Dirty, dust, vagina, vibration, friction-- it's not going to benefit your things. The package must provide reliable protection against harmful factors. Work with her must be convenient. Packaging materials for moving should not add a few kilograms to the weight of the goods or cost more than the transport of things.

Packaging cost for relocation

The air-bubble tag. Single.

I don't know!

Rolon length (m)

Cost per meter (rule)


Furniture, office, apartment.
I don't know!

leaf size (m)

Cost per leaf (rule)

1, 2x250
1, 5x260

Couch packing, chairs, etc.



Value (cut)

10 mm x 2 mm x 1 m

20 mm x 2 mm x 1 m370
40 mm x2 mm x 1 m650

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