Transfer To Another City

imageMoving to another city is a troublesome thing. It's important not to forget about paper and formalities. We recommend that these items be placed immediately on the list of actions required for relocation.

1. Switch your passport if you have the time.

In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation, you have the right to apply for a future residence, but only when you have permanent registration. On the passport desk before you move, you'll definitely get a new passport much faster.

2. Remove all available debts

Pay fines, tax charges, utilities, pension contributions. With the piano going to another city, it might seem a little small, but starting a new life is better without old debts.

3. Close the IP or the GS.

Do it if you've decided to leave the city completely without going on business in the old place. In order to eliminate the law, it's convenient to attract specialized companies, they'll help you avoid extra trouble and make formalities as quickly as possible.

4. Collect all the documents.

Check that you have in your hands: Russian and foreign passports; Plys OMS; INN; SNILS; driver ' s licenses; diplomas and certificates; workbook; all documents for children. It would not be necessary to make copies of the medical records of all family members, take the characteristics from school.

5. Relocate, register in the new residence FMS unit

Submit a registration application at the FMS field office. If you didn't get off the record at the old address, fill in a piece of the statement, then it'll be done in absentia.

6. If you've changed your notebook, rewrite all the documents that indicate the place of registration.

You have to re-register the vehicle in GIBD; the military duty is to register at the local military station, retirees to re-register in the pension fund.

7. Get attached to the clinic right away.

Don't wait for you to get sick. Write a statement to the Chief Medical Officer and file the following documents: Russian passport, PIC policy, SNILS and proof of the relocation. Plus copies of all these papers.

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