Quarterly Crossing 9

Long-range savings

However, not so much ecology as the buyer ' s price in Len Region. According to the experts, the most affordable apartments outside the city are acquired mainly by parents for student children, as well as other people planning employment and relocation in the North-West Region and nearby suburbs of Petersburg. Another category of buyers is young families, both from Petersburg and from the regions.

" First, people who have a high degree of remoteness from the city when buying an apartment, secondly those for whom the price is the main criterion for the choice of the site, is said by the Director of the News Department of AN Bekar Eldar Sultan. - Traditionally, most of the economy-class projects are being implemented. For example, the Slavanka (Baltros) residential area, VC Devtkino (Arsenal Mobility), VC, Best Choice in Allwomenska (Lencetrast). The average cost of the Quadrata to the FC in Len regions is around 55,000 roubles. "

Almighty or Slavianca is a nearby suburb, but there's a demand for housing in the far Les regions, and a lot. In Eldar Sultan ' s view, however, apartments in the area are more commonly acquired as permanent housing, not as a gift. “The market offers many taunhouses and separate botttches that can become an alternative to the city. For example, a Townhouse of 2, 5 to 3 million rubies can be purchased in the Golden Keys (START Develpment) cottage, which is said by the expert. In fact, it's the price of a 1-2-room apartment in the city.

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