Border Crossing

Действительно ли это ваша цель

If someone wants to move abroad to do nothing by renting an apartment in their homeland, don't read any further. Facebook is full of Russian groups on any region, telling you how to live and work for two copies. My story is for those who feel normal in their homeland, but because in megapolis, living sad and in big cities, the climate is to itself, wants to change the environment for themselves, family, health and new experiences.

I just got this message. It's not the first time people are interested in living and working abroad.

Hey! I don't know where to start again. I'll try to explain. I went to Egypt in October, and somehow this trip turned all my ideas about life, career and what I want. There's a new realization that I'm spending time on the wrong things. I've always loved the sea and now I know I want to live next to him, but I don't know, with him. to begin♪ I think about it every day... Go, go, go, go. I know you moved to Bali. Tell me, if it's not hard, why start? Were you familiar? How did you get the job? I've changed three cities, and as I move to new cities, I'm familiar. But it's in Russia. When you're moving, there's a clear plan, and you're working on it, and I can't make that plan. I've only decided what I want to do. What's next? Why is that fear? I'm not the first to throw everything away and start it clean. Did you doubt that?


Let's go. First, figure out why you're moving. If you have a love experience, a fatigue or a desire for change, do the following... Choose where you want to move, take your leave for one to three months, and you better agree with the director that you'll work remotely, get a tourist visa and go. You'll have to rent the apartment, not the hotel room. Buy food at the local store, talk to the neighbors, cook houses. Live as you live at home. Go home late, call the doctor, open the bill at the local bank. Gather as much useful information as possible every day, get experience. Count your expenses, make a living minimum.

Maybe in a month you'll conquer and understand that there's no worse living in the country, and it's better to just go out on vacation once a year for a couple months, and it's hard to get home.

The thing is, a lot of people are just tired, and because they think they need to move. Check it out for starters, it's either not. It'll save you money, nerves and time.

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