All For Moving

Набор для переезда 2-комн

Prepare all necessary documents and separate them. Before you leave again, make sure you haven't forgotten anything, and take them to a new place of residence on your own.

Prepare to move in advance.

"Don't delay what you can do tomorrow," if you move, it's not the best approach to the case. Try to start packing things in at least a week, so you don't forget or panic the day you leave. Start with low-utilized items, like a grandmother's porcelain or some books.

The family got an apartment and walks through empty rooms in full. ♪ ♪
♪ This is where we put the closet, this is the table. ♪
Son of a five-year-old:
♪ We're here for a shelf!
Dad beats his son up in the reins and says,
♪ Got it?
- Yeah. ♪
♪ What do you get?
♪ You don't need her. ♪ ♪

Carton boxes for moving You can make a delivery order or take it directly now. My phone is 4

Freight transport is delivered on the day of application.
Recognize the cost of delivery, also order delivery, you can call number 4.

This week, the Radhikhbank moved into the purepoly.
The package required:
38 Carton boxes for archives.
40 metres of bubble film for office equipment, mirrors.
7 rolls of tape. All the office furniture, the hanging.
10 rolls of scotch.
If you have to move, we'll consult everything we need. 4.

It's a good, fruitful day. Little mail boxes.

This is Ola. Olya's moving,
She's missing cardboard boxes. ♪ ♪
Ollie could be your friends and friends! Let's help them find our group! The reversal of this tape!

You need cheap, but good boxes?
Here they go! Only 35 rubles.

That's how it goes. He won't. Don't waste time and purple films to turn the dishes. The papers will be worth it at the worst, but the defense must be. Important: Each item is turned separately.

The group's wall is empty.
What documents can be authenticated? Apostille birth certificate.

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