Travel To Czech

ВНЖ и ПМЖ в Чехии

I've been living in Prague since 2007. I've never wanted to go abroad, but I like to travel. It seems to me that my free life position allows me to watch things around a little more objective than those who wish the judiciary to take root in this country.

Some people might think I'm talking about Czechs too negative. Get away. I'm not trying to talk you out of moving to Czech and I'm not trying to spoil her. The only thing I've noticed in reading blogs and interviews about Czechs is that everyone's talking about Czechs in pink tones. I don't like to talk about things that might affect someone's decision. Let everyone analyse the naked information from the first hand and draw conclusions on their own, so that no one on the Internet can write about life in Czechs, which it really is. :-

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