Relocation Of Green Cargo Cargo

If you're interested in office or apartment moves at Zelenograd, our company will help you and do everything at the highest professional level. Neither the owner of the apartment nor the personnel of the moving company will be inconvenienced in the relocation process we organize. All stages of the process will be planned in advance, the equipment will be carried on specially adapted vehicles, and all packing, loading and transport activities will be performed by highly qualified personnel. The company has a solid reputation in the muving market, and we can trust even the most expensive property. We have full material responsibility for the preservation of your things, and the quality of the work is controlled by our own internal service.Image 1 Our company's technicians are housed or office moves any difficulty, and they'll work with maximum comfort for you.

Our services.

Relocation of the apartment, cottage
and key

Transfer of office to Zelenograd
and all the Underwater

Transport of furniture and selected items

Collection, sampling
Removal of furniture

Image 1Packing of equipment
storage or transport

Responsible storage

Professional approach

We are moving to Zelenograd with trucks at a professional level. We're sending an evaluator to the client, and all stages of the process are planned in advance. Loading, packaging, transport operations are highly qualified by using their own development and technology. Customer property liability, own Quality Control Service, personal manager delivery to every customer characterizes us as a team of real professionals.

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