Relocation Centre

Центр Переезд (@Center_Moving)

We're a Russian muvingo company. In the west, we'd be called the muwers. Not in favour of Western words, so the word " muving " is very rare. In Russian, the word reads " travel " .

We specialize in three kinds of moves:

Separate services derived from basic services:

We're doing muving services to move to Moscow. You can order relocation to Moscow Or trust any way you can. We work without a day off.

If we need to move quickly or cheaply, we'll meet up and decide.

Call attention to three things:

1. We're safe. Open company for you and the media. Trucks are Russian citizens. The trademark is registered in Rospatente. Site is working on a safe protocol https. His car park, his office, three stores in Moscow and one in Toweri, where there's anything to move, 17 media publications.

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