Location Trucks

Грузчики. Квартирный переезд в
  • Kolpino
  • Transport trucks
  • Relocation to Colpino
  • Quarterly relocation to Colpino
  • Long journey to Colpino
  • VIP relocation to Colpino
  • Cargo services in Colpino
  • Trucks at night in Colino

For your services, experienced cargoes have all the necessary tools.
Qualitative and fast moving with cargoes Colino's an ERMAK-GROZKY!


  • Trucks
  • Truck, night
  • Loading - unloading
  • Furniture collection
  • Disposal of building debris

    Trucks, this is the main profile of our company.
    All loading and unloading work of our cargoes will be done qualitatively and on time.

You have at your disposal any vehicles you need and the required number of cargoes.

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