Relocation Of The Ekaterinburg Office

Идеальный вариант переезда

Prefeasibility of the cost of the service (on Ekaterinburg) " cargo + relocation of the apartment " or " loaders + relocation of the office " ;

Conference link between the cargo and the customer at accommodation;

Minimum time for ordering the town of Ekaterinburg - relocation of the office or apartment - 2 hours;

A contract for " relocation services " for cash, imprecise or payment dispensation;

Packing of furniture;

Furniture collection;

Loading and unloading for logistics companies;

Loading and unloading (implementing crossings, trucks may unload wagons, vans);

Loading and unloading of construction debris;

Removal of metal equipment and vehicles (with remittances to the customer);

dismantling of cassettes;

Muwing services (transport of necessary goods)


By planning the transportation of an office, apartment or dacha, we often try to abandon the unnecessary services of a crew specializing in handling operations. In fact, moving with the cargo is theoretically more expensive. But in practice, it's not that far. If you're moving to Catherineburg, you're gonna have to look for people who'll take a hard job, rip off acquaintances, colleagues and friends from business, make up for their time. It's worth money, too. It would not be easier to order a professional relocation, cargo, car and other services in the total. But at the same time, you will be assured of the reliability, security of your own property, and free of a lot of problems! Practice shows that this is the best way to go. So if you have to move personal effects or move the office in Ekaterinburg, call: +7 (343) 200-50-50.

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