Relocation Of Apartment

Furniture collection

Furniture collection is an integral part of any relocation. Attempts on their own will be able to handle the collections and collections very often result in deplorable results, so we recommend that this work be entrusted to our company ' s specialists.

Packing of personal effects

A pack of personal things like books, dishes and other kitchens, clothes, bathroom supplies, paintings and flowers, you can trust us, too. Under your leadership, our specialists will prepare your favorite and dear hearts for transportation.

Flexible furniture package

When moving from one apartment to another, special attention should be paid to the packing of soft and leather furniture. Any scratch or perseverance will forever deprive her of her attractive appearance. So trust this delicate task for the professionals of your case.

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading is another responsible step. Regardless of the number of assets carried and the complexity of the work, our staff will be able to cope with your task. Moreover, our company does not have any extra handwriting on the floors. Dead and quality.

Coastal transport

We only use modern and specially prepared furniture for the safe transportation of property. Each car always has the number of packaging materials and means you need to secure the cargo in the body.

Furniture and personal effects

When they arrive in a new apartment, the cargoes will necessarily separate large furniture according to your plan. You can also order our personal stuff on the shelves.

Waste disposal

There's always a lot of garbage left after the shipment: empty cardboard boxes, packing tapes, personal stuff you decided to get rid of. If you wish, we'll dispose of all unnecessary junk and trash.

Temporary storage of property

Our company, in addition to the organization of low-cost apartment moves, provides its client with a wide range of warehouse services. You can rent yourself a personal property storage unit, for example, during repairs.

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