Transfer Of Office To Moscow

What services do you need to move the office:

Office furniture collection

Before moving the office furniture is dealt with in separate sections, it facilitates loading and unloading, which in turn prevents damage to property. Furniture collection and cleaning services have already been included in the cost of moving the office.

Office equipment package

Our company will help you pack both personal and general office assets. Archives and accounting records, office supplies and carton stuff, everything will be packed in special boxes. All Packed items It is marked that it is impossible to lose them at the time of transport of the office.

Office furniture package

The furniture collected is carefully packed in pre-delivered packaging material. This procedure is necessary to prevent damage to furniture at the time of loading, unloading and transport to a new address.

Loading and unloading

None of the offices moves without professional cargo services. Our staff will carefully dispose of the property from the office, bury boxes and equipment to the trucks and unload them in the new office. All necessary loading and unloading work has already been included in the cost of the office relocation.

Coastal transport

The transport of offices is carried out only on specially equipped vehicles! Loading belts to fix the load, softly stitching the vans to minimize the risks of damage to furniture and equipment, professional drivers are the key to a successful office move.

Furniture in the new office

After moving to the new office, all the furniture is collected and distributed according to your plan. Your staff's personal effects are unpacked and distributed. Your office is ready for work!

Waste disposal

Large amounts of debris are accumulated during the office relocation process: packages used and cardboard boxes, extra documents and unnecessary items. Our staff member is utilising unnecessary junk and freeing your working space.

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