Transport Of Goods

Michael Sencin A friend ordered a move to this company. The quality of the services remained high. Trucks are polite, tactical, they've managed fast enough to clean up a built-in closet and a corner couch. After the transport, everything was assembled and set up in their seats. The cost of accommodation with cargoes in Moscow corresponds to the level of professionalism.

Artem Nagovicin ordered the relocation of a 2-room apartment from Podolska to Moscow. The company's employees were very punctual, they arrived on the day and the hour. We got the necessary package, we got all the stuff in the car fast. Among the things, there were many delicate objects, they were treated very carefully, and everything came to life.

Anna Green Organizing the so complex apartment move we had, it seemed to me as an impossible task. But your company's professionals did great. We got a big fur and all the stuff was transported one time before we packed them carefully. By the way, 40 per cent of the discount on the whole package, which proved to be a very pleasant surprise.

Sergei Korchagin used to think that low-cost accommodation with cargo - It's a fantastic thing, but using your company's services changed your mind. I paid a little over 10,000 roubles, getting a full range of services. A team of three cargo trucks was working, all the guys are boiling, responsive, and the most experienced. Furnitures were cleaned, furniture was remodeled, and everything was fixed in the car. In five hours, I've handled things in a new apartment, and the guys have been setting up closets and couches. And at the end, they even took the trash.

Eugenia Porfierev was moving from a rented apartment to a new building, ordered a move from you. It was nice to be surprised how good your manager organized everything. On the same day, two trucks arrived in Gaza, made it fast, carefully and qualitative. We've had a bit of weight, so it's very costly.

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