Removal Cost

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Recommendations to the GOOD COMPANA on moving offices

Our news on the office move:

The office move is offering you the GLOW COMPANE GO, and expresses its gratitude to you for your interest in our organization. The cost of the office move is determined on the basis of the volume, timing and route of the shipment; on the basis of the data or data provided by the evaluator specialist. The physical relocation shall be carried out in part and in key compliance with all technical regulations and rules, and the necessary transport documents shall be filled and processed. One of the many distinctive features of competitors is the responsibility for moving the company you work for, and which we take upon ourselves in the event of damage to or damage to your property. On an equal footing with responsibility, the risks that have been minimized are minimized by the lessons learned from the success of past years. Once we get to our organization, you'll be as comfortable and fast as possible.

How is office relocation secure?

Only state-of-the-art packaging materials and equipment are used in the implementation of the office relocation. In some cases, it involves the carrying out of tactical works (used when loading and moving goods and large items). Furniture and fragile objects are packed in impact resistant materials, documents and personal belongings in boxes, clothing in film. Moving machines are stored with special extenuating vibration material. There are belts, trolleys, rocks. All boxes and furniture are marked to avoid losing valuable items or documents at the office move.

cost of moving the office

The best way to calculate the cost of moving the office is to call an evaluator. Call free. Our specialist will be able to come to you on the day of your call or, at least, the next day.
Don't forget that the estimate takes into account not only the volume of equipment carried, but also the conditions at the point of departure and at the point of destination:

  • Floor
  • width of stairs and corridors
  • Number of offices
  • passes
  • access
  • elevators
  • Furnishing scheme

It is desirable that you show the evaluator not only to the office at the point of departure, but also to show the place where the property will be moved. This will depend on the accuracy and timing of the office move.
Don't forget to discuss with the assessor the number of packing materials (there have been cases of shortages of boxes for relocation), tell us about the difficulties in cleaning and collecting furniture (there have been cases where all were dealt with by one company, and the collection of office furniture has already been done by our collectors), as well as possible problems related to the transport of furniture in Moscow.

Final value moving office and dates

The final cost and timing of moving the office in the form of an estimate, we're sending you to the e-mail address or on the phone from a specialist's assessment. You can get an Evaluator or a consultant on the phone with an indicative advance cost of the office move.

Provisional storage

Where necessary, temporary storage of your office ' s assets is provided at the individual storage warehouses of Moscow and Moscow province.

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