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Spare parts, public transport and petrol. Which is more expensive in 2017.

Russia will have to tighten the belt in 2017, according to the tradition of a new year, prices will rise upwards.
From 1 January, in St. Petersburg travels to public transport, the subway tariff will rise to 45 roubles, trams, trolleybuses and a bus up to 40 roubles.
Governor Poltavchenko stated that only at such tariffs public transport could be inconvenienced, and " the tariff on the shoulder of our residents " .
The question of the cost of petrol is more relevant for motorists and carriers, although there is no doubt that it is expensive or that it does not exist. The price of petrol is expected to increase by 20 to 30 per cent due to the increase in fuel excise. The bill to increase excises has already been passed in the State Duma for the first reading. The government is therefore trying to put holes in the budget. The fourth grade gasoline will increase by 6.5 per cent, fifth grade by 36.4 per cent, and more than one third, diesel fuel.

Spiritual and tobacco excises also cost a lot.
In addition, experts in the Russian Automobile Dealers Association suggest that the prices of car parts will increase by 5 to 10 per cent.

While we recall the increase in the Platon tariffs since February 2017, we have no doubt that the result is that food, clothing, household chemistry, medicine. The experts believe that the increase in excise is unlikely to eliminate the budget deficit: the purchasing power of the population has been reduced for the third consecutive year, the increase in the cost of the goods has caused the Rosian to save in one place.

Traditionally, it's food and clothing. The experts thus believe that the Government will " win one sector but lose another " .

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