Price Relocation

Moscow Transport Company office moves any volume. Our staff regularly receive special training aimed at upgrading skills, which ensures that offices belonging to both small and large organizations move quickly and qualitatively. We provide any necessary package for office equipment, office furniture and documents. A coherent cargo team, furniture collectors, drivers and logistics will complete all the work within the time frames set for moving, thus avoiding long delays in your company. An individual calculation scheme allows you to choose the most appropriate package of services and payment options.

The office move (Moscow) with the Moscow transport company is quick, secure and profitable!

Что такое офисный переезд?

Sometimes companies have to move from place to place for various reasons. This is particularly the case for medium and small offices. A professional relocation will help solve many of the problems associated with this cotton undertaking. First, the security of property will be guaranteed, secondly, the relocation will be carried out within a clear time frame, thirdly, the neural costs will be minimized.

The physical relocation in Moscow should be carefully and clearly planned, since, apart from office equipment and furniture, archival documents of great value to enterprises are often carried. It is not possible for each office worker to provide for all nuances on its own: to select the vehicle with the necessary capacity and handling capacity, to select the cargo crew, to coordinate the time of transport and to purchase the packaging material. So to be sure that Office move It's going to go smoothly and as soon as possible, you just need to go to the professional. Company specialists will prepare a detailed relocation plan that will take into account all your wishes.

Professional key move Several phases are being implemented. All office equipment, documentation and furniture are packed first. Notes and computers containing valuable accounting information are packed in special containers. Furniture would be more beneficial to disassemble and move in the cars. As a rule, relocation companies have professional collectors and furniture collectors.

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