A Low-Cost Relocation

We remember the companies that first trusted us. Office move♪ Since then, much has changed, the practice of self-relocation by its staff has ceased. And now we're moving both furniture and related industrial equipment.

People in the uniform with the " delivery " logo are doing these tasks promptly and virtually without losing your business process.

Because moving for us is also a well-organized production process with its technology and systemic approach.

Tariff plansValue, rubles
Number of staff between 1 and 53,500 roubles/ed.
Number of staff between 5 and 103,000 roubles/ed.
Number of staff over 102,800 roubles/ed.

The cost of transporting one job (both, chair, computer, personal belongings of a staff member) depends on the number of jobs. Costs include: tactical work, transport services, cargo security/consumption, cargo insurance, distribution of property by office, garbage disposal.

All price items are discussed. You'll get our prices. Call me when you need the trust and professionalism of the responsible people.

How's the office move going today?

Preliminary assessment of the volume of work.

Who packs, transports and is responsible for keeping the goods?

We have truckloaders working with our cargo. These are reliable staff who have been selected and trained. They'll pack the property, mark the boxes, load and securely secure the vehicle platform with special stretches.

It's a guarantee that office property will reach an entire and undamaged road of any quality. Mobile batteries are used for the collection and collection of hull furniture. For the transport of goods, transport belts, small hydraulic lifts, special cabling equipment, if necessary.

Packing material.

The security of the property is guaranteed by the use of well-designed packaging material: cardboard boxes, refillable modular designs, packaging paper, bubble packaging.

You can offer your packaging material, but for a large number of cargoes, we recommend a re-checked modular design of our company. We're buying all kinds of packages, so they're cheaper than 10%. Personal property (Office supplies) is recommended that staff be packed and marked on their own.

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