Furniture Relocation

Офисный переездOffice moves - One of our activities, which we pay special attention to, involving only professional and long-time drivers. Our company is willing to offer not only office move on Samarabut also pre-package and furniture and office equipment.

One of the " simulator " of our work, the " key-to-key " service, includes all ceremonies and concerns at the office crossings that we place on ourselves -- packing and transporting things, selecting drivers and cargoes, speeding up the work and affordable prices for services.

Samara, as one of Russia ' s major cities, is rapidly developing and expanding, new shopping and office centres are emerging, cities are expanding and need to change. At times, many move not only in the city line but also outside, opening branches and bases, others are located in one of the shopping malls on the upper decks or renting a space with a separate entrance to the first floor of the dwelling.

It is worth noting that the price category of office relocation is determined by the volume of work performed and depends on such factors as:

  • Moving range
  • Quantitative furniture and office equipment
  • Building reference, and in the case of lifting to the upper decks, the presence or absence of a freight elevator
  • Number of employees involved in our company relocation organization
  • Number of cars for goods and furniture
  • Additional services in the pre-clearance of furniture and in consequence and collection, provision of packagings and packagings for items and office equipment, cleaning and garbage disposal services.

Based on this, the final cost of office relocation services is being generated by our company. Undeniably, the cost of transport will be affected by the lack of a freight elevator that is not equipped with an old building. In such cases, the transport of large furniture and office equipment is performed by cargoes manually on staircases, and therefore an additional tariff will be applied to the main price.

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