Inter-Urban Relocation

Междугородний переездWe do interurban transport mainly in new cars (not over three years). We will help you arrange for the inter-urban movement or delivery of the goods as soon as possible at the best prices to date. Each car carrying out inter-urban crossings shall be thoroughly examined and prepared before the work. The leader is granted rest time. Drivers are selected only with interurban experience. If necessary, clean-up and packages are free of charge to you by our manager to calculate the required amount of material, the time of work, and to agree with you on the prices and schedule of all preparatory work before the inter-urban move. Our constant directions are St Petersburg, Rostov, Sochi, N. Novgorod. Inter-urban relocation price is the final (no further payment) and is issued by a contract under which we guarantee the integrity of the goods and the timeliness of delivery. Pay may be cash and cashless. In the absence of cash, the value may be higher by 10 to 15 per cent, depending on the inter-city movement. The inter-urban moving vehicle shall be provided with or without the cargo. Your cargo may be shipped with or without escort of your choice at any time convenient to you and on your chosen schedule of interurban transport. It should be borne in mind that:
  • We don't do prefabricated cargo.
  • We don't do the shipment.
  • Inter-urban transport trucks are only provided in Moscow and Moscow Regionto save your funds first.

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