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Today, Moscow's professional quartering, as a big megapolis with its rules, makes a complex and labour-intensive business. The change of place of residence is certainly an important development. Anyone who is facing the need to transport a lot of things and cumbersome furniture wants to move the apartment quickly. Most of us still remember when all transport-related problems had to be solved on their own. Even the presence and the convenient fitting of a car was a luxury. What do you say about packing and cleaning furniture and packing! Fortunately, in today ' s world, there are many services that do not allow for tension, but to trust the labour-intensive work of transport and logistics professionals, and in particular the organization of accommodation and office relocations.

Cost of accommodation

For those who order a house move, the cost certainly is not the last one. Indicative prices for the services of Gruzamnet are presented in this table.

Quick move2Gazelle(10m3)+ 1 cargo for 3 hours3000.
Room 1Gazelle(10m3)+ 2 cargoes for 4 hours4500r.
Relocation of 2 rooms.Gazelle(16m3)+ 2 cargoes per 6 hours6550.
3X.ZIL Bump (22m3)+4 cargo for 8 hours14,000.
  1. The value is approximate and is not a public offer. The final cost of the service is specified by the manager.
  2. Details of the terms of service are available in Pricelist.
  3. The final value is calculated from the Blanca Assessment.

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