Rail Crossing

В выходные в Нововятске будет

If you're on this page and on this website, you definitely need to move something. Isn't it?

So let's not take your time. Let's just say the railroad truck is here.

Our proposal does not take much time, but it contains a lot of curious. By finishing up, you'll find out how we get discounts, for example, to move (house or office) Iron Road. Are you interested? Well, in a few paragraphs, you'll find out.

Best-Perest. The truck is our job!

Quarter and office relocation Railroad requires increased attention from all sides. It's always stress. Even the question of " how to order a gas? " could cause a problem. But no tragedy should be made of changes in life. They're known to be the best, and we'll do whatever you want. We are responsible for the full range of services that are provided.

Quarterly moving to the railway is a long time ago, and our reputation is responsible for quality. Call us and check.

And Moscow's trucks are railroad? And that's on our shoulder. The distances are not embarrassing, and the order is always made to the end with minimal risks for the client.

If you need to move the furniture, it's just one call to order. In a few hours, we're at your service. But it's gonna be better if you make the order at least 24 hours so we can get ready.

Our discounts.

As promised, a little discount. Details of them can be read in special section " on the website. Even customers ordering rail traffic for the first time can expect a discount.


Cost included

Quarterly relocation

with a small number of things and furniture in one area

Car (14 m3) + 2
4 hours

3,990 rubles.

Intersection of the average single-room apartment

Vehicle (18 m3) + 2

4 hours

4,490 roubles.

Packing of things (air and bubble film)


loading into the vehicle



Delivery to the apartment

Partial cleaning/furnishing

2-room intersection

Vehicle (20 m3) + 3
5 hours

7,400 roubles.

3-room intersection

Car(5 tonnes) + 4 cargo

6 hours

11,900 roubles.

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