Goods Moving


Shippers are normally relocated on a day-to-day basis, thus affecting the working conditions of the enterprise ' s staff. Procedure trusts the performers who can do it very quickly. A number of such perpetrators are on YouDo. It's necessary to file a full job description, set the cost, address and time, and you'll be receiving a response within 15 minutes to the customers at the office move.

What kind of work the cargoes do when moving the office.

In order to determine the final price of the office move, it is necessary to determine when and how quickly professional cargoes are needed. The relocation has a number of significant differences from the accommodation:

  • Office furniture and computer equipment. Strict numbering on floors and divisions
  • Confidentiality in the packing of documents and archives from the financial division or accounting
  • Light vehicles
  • Rapid and careful work. Everything needs to be done in the workplace.

What rules are to be observed that the office move goes without complicating.

Before ordering cargo services on the YouDo platform, a responsible worker should be appointed to monitor, escort and receive all loading and unloading work. The incumbent will be responsible for the following procedures:

  • Furniture markings for cleaning and retrieval
  • Delivery of cargoes with necessary packaging materials when moving: carton, foam, stack and line tape
  • To ensure that the perpetrators carry things safely and carefully
  • Effective use of the vehicle. Everything needs to be arranged so things don't fall.

In order to avoid material losses, order the services of experienced quartering workshops or the move of an office with the cargoes, you'll find yourself an implementing agent on On this page, an application for the prospecting of the perpetrator can be left.

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