Loading Of Apartment Crossings

Грузоперевозки, квартирные

There's only one forbidden sign on Russian roads. It's a striped concrete block.
All other signs warning

The D.A. is working for G.I. The commander sends him and a more experienced partner on the radar track, so to speak, to rock. Tonight, the commander asks:
- How's it going?
The experimental answer is:
♪ What progress? I'm standing with the radar, and this one's sitting in the car and blinking!

♪ The light of my mirror, tell me... tell me the truth... if I'm all sweeter in the light of all the knuckle and whiteer?
And I have a mirror in return:
- Get out of here. I'm Planchet!

The boy jumps on his bed, and his mom makes a point:
- No. What's going on?
Next day, a boy on the street sees pregnant and tells her:
♪ Did you jump?

There are three girls on the train.
The first said:
♪ I'd marry a sportsman, they're so strong. ♪ ♪
The second said:
♪ I'd marry a military, they're so stiff. ♪ ♪
The third says:
♪ I'd marry an Indian, they're so sexy. ♪ ♪
At this point, Georgians jump from the second shelf and say:
♪ I'm glad to introduce myself to the sports master, Lieutenant Colonel Chingachguk!

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