Goods Transport Services


Hello. We need to get the bed, the gymnastics, and the baby bed. Then I'll take you to the hydrography. We're living on the porch. How much would that cost?

Hi, 5.11 at 12:00, we're moving from Lomonosov to the Russian field (40 years of victory). We need a cargo car and two cargo trucks, a little stuff, no major equipment. How much will it cost?

Hello. We need a car, like a minivan or a passenger gas, to move from Sochi (Adler district, Verhne Vesloje), to Slavjansk-na-Cubani, H. Troitzki. It's 70 km from Krasnodar, towards Temruc. We have a lot of things to do with us, so it's not real on the bus or the electrician. Three kids, school age.

Hello! We need to move bed 120/200, there's a freight elevator. How much will it cost?

Hello! I'll use the freighter at 16.10.16 at 4:00 a.m., need two people, get down from 4 floors a washing machine, a kitchen stove and 3 bags, and there's elevators and cargo and passenger lifts. It'll take half an hour.


Don't move! Read the cargo anecdotes
There's a man down the hall of the office, and he hears something around the corner of the cargo elevator.
♪ Holy shit!
♪ It'll come in!
Looking around the corner, seeing two trucks in a brand-new form with the word "Removal."

Cargo and cargo. We have low prices to check for ourselves! Truck team.
Any time, any weather.
We'll make any moves.
♪ Quarter, offices, shop, warehouse, café, restaurant
Transport of home things. Domestic equipment. Tranagers. Piano. Royal.
* The trucks to the warehouse.
Loading - Unloading machines, FUR, wagons, containers, exhibitions, medical equipment.
* Experienced furniture collectors.
* Order Gazal with trucks
To get the trash out of the apartment, the office.
Getting trash on the polygon.
♪ Cookers to raise construction materials on elevator floors
# Worker for cleaning territory, facilities, gardens, gardens
♪ For loading, garbage removal. # The drugs
We're working for conscience, no exits!

The group's wall is empty.

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