Rapid Relocation

Quarterly relocation

To ensure that the apartment move goes as fast as possible and does not turn the headache, it is better to trust the organization and conduct of the procedure for professionals. In the transport company, Roadman, you can order a place to move under the key. We'll help make the new housing rainy and unforgettable.

The services include the following options:

  • Assessment of the volume of work;
  • Provision of packaging material and packaging;
  • loading, transport and unloading;
  • Packing of things, fixing of furniture;
  • cleaning.

The apartment move under the key will take place as quickly as possible if you prepare the items in advance. There's nothing to be done, but we need to sort them out in categories: clothing, dishes, books, kitchens, etc.

Even with professional assistance, the organization of an apartment move involves some kind of chaos. It is therefore recommended that the list of " essential " be determined in advance. They're packing at the last, so you can get access to them at any time.

Service in Moscow For many years, we understand perfectly how important every item is to its owner. That is why we only use quality and reliable packaging material that allows all items to be transported safely.

Our staff will arrive by that time and immediately begin packing and loading. If necessary, large furniture will be disposed of for more convenient transport. The advantage of the relocation service is that the customer requires minimal participation in the process. Our specialists will do it themselves.

By ordering the apartment to move under the key in Moscow, you're free from the need to unpack things in a new place, to collect and place furniture. The company's employees will collect and dump all the packing material and clean up all the apartment buildings so you can immediately feel the comfort and comfort of your new housing.

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