Sunny's Moving To A New House

К чему снится переезд? Сонник ПереездRelocation to another place of residence in real life is always linked to changing the environment, often the quality of life, the need for new ties and the building. Crossings are fairly common, and they always talk about major changes in life - real relocation, work shifts, family status, and sometimes life values.

These changes can take place on both the best and the worst side, which is clearly reflected in the story of dreams.

Strange Sonny. Moving to sleep is what?

The dream in which you move to a new place suggests a shift in your mind from one state to another, a change in energy levels, for example, from stalemate to creativity, from disease to recovery or vice versa. The specific value of such a dream is determined by the type of place of departure and place of arrival. In some cases, such a dream, particularly associated with the crossing or movement on the bridge, may prejudge the death of a witness.

Miss Hassey's dream. What does dream of moving?

Railroad crossing is a symbol of the pursuit of a new goal.

The birthday party. What's the move?

The dream you see railway crossingis interpreted according to the condition of the hogbum. The hogbaum is open, green street, for all plans, business successes and commerce. Crossing, closed hogbaum, is an obstacle to business, failures, bankruptcy. Relocating to a new apartment is a change of housing or lifestyle.

A modern dreamer. Meaning of Travel

For unmarried people, moving to a new apartment in their sleep means changing family status, for married and married, changes in life. If you can't find your things during the shift, in real life, you need to rely on yourself in important cases without trusting others. If something broke or broke when you moved, you're expected to be unsatisfactory and frustrated, and if you couldn't take a new apartment of your homeworker, it's a happy dream, which presupposes a successful end to business and avoidance.


The relocation dream is often a reflection of reality. If the witness does not intend to change the place of residence, such a dream must be taken very carefully and, in its interpretation, all the details must be taken into account. The basis for decoding such a dream is the place you moved.

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