Moving To A New House

Приметы при переезде в новую квартируRelocating to a new apartment is always an exciting event involving both joy and trouble and anxiety and anticipation of a new life.

Of course. moving to a new house. Many important nuances, such as household, housing and public affairs, should be taken into account. But there is also a mystical aspect, no less important, and the assumptions of moving to new housing will help make new life happy, comfortable and careless.

These embraces and traditions are centuries old, and have moved to our modern times without change. They use them, so that makes sense.

Going to a new house, don't reinvigorate and meet a few very simple rituals and accept, and your life in a new place will be bright and happy, and the troubles will go around your house and family.

1. First of all, it is necessary to leave the old apartment in the right manner. There are signs of forgiveness for old housing that you have lived for a long time.

Приметы при переезде в новый домBefore you leave the apartment, you should clean it up, clean the floors, throw trash and stuff. There's nothing to be left: take the necessary, throw away or get the unnecessary things, dishes, beds, etc.

Make sure nothing falls under the beds, behind the closets, inside the cocodes, if you leave the furniture. Send the apartment and thank her for comfort and protection. Wish the new tenants a happy life and then go.

2. There's still a sign of forgiveness, like a farewell pie. He needs to be cooked and eaten in the old place without taking him.

If life in the house was hard, the pie should be salty. If, on the contrary, you've lived well, have a sweet pie. Separate the housewives, and let this ritual goodbye dinner and good acceptance become an important transition to a new life.

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