Buy Cardboard Boxes To Move

Картонные коробки для переезда
Very right, Tony Robbins. It's not that we should try to see things better than they really are, working on the stalemate of the positive, but that you don't have to see worse than it is. The second most of us, including me, are regularly engaged.

I've been wanting to write about it for a while, but everyone doesn't get their hands. I recently spoke to a girl who moved to Sydney from Moscow a month ago, found herself and decided to speak. Maybe someone will read it and he'll need it.

Transfer from Moscow in Sydney at the beginning of 2013 it was very technically easy for me. There's no horror, you know how the movies show when all the money was taken by bad uncles, you sleep under a leaking roof or a beach card box, the relationship didn't pass the test of moving, you mouse in a three-pop, a residence permit doesn't give or threaten to deport, no one with you wants to talk or anything. That was all. It was clear and sharp.

The tickets were bought, the things were packed, they arrived, they went to the hotel, and then their friends, they rented the apartment, went to English, yoga courses, sports halls, scalorms, all museums, bought the car, found the favorite coffee shops, and they found friends, jobs and so they got closer together than they were.

For the sake of fairness, 2013 was the first year after the move, we were all going in and out of different countries and we never lived in Australia. A month here, a month there, a month here, a month there. That's what happened to her husband's work.

I'm guessing that's why a wave of headaches didn't close me, not just the first year after the move, but at the end of the second, when we stopped running around and had a lot of time to think. ♪ So, in December 2014, almost two years after I moved, I started to go into a pretty tough place, as I can now assess, emotionally. From which I left... the other day.

I can also assume (not that it is) that if you're moving somewhere out of the original conditions of the most difficult and more indifferent or running away from something (no matter what it is - maybe you're just your hometown to the nausea) you'll be much easier. I also assume that if you start to deal with survival issues when you arrive (see 100 yaks in your pocket, for example, or 3 children, and start spraying them in schools and gardens) you'll also be a little easier. Because it's time to think about the meaning of life and to do self-clothes.

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