Quarterly Movements Of The Price

Переезд в Харькове

Slon operates a wide range of services in the cargo market. One of the key areas of our work is Office moves♪ The relocation of the office with our help will be conducted as quickly as possible, taking into account all wishes. We work with both individual office furniture and large corporations. If you need to move the office immediately or move the office to another city, we'll get a job like this. Besides, if you have such a need, moving the office under the key. may be held at any convenient time, including at night. We can order the relocation of the office, and it will take place within a specified time frame in several phases.

What does the office move into the key?

The relocation of the office is either a standard arrangement or an individually designed and agreed plan.

  • Initially, the site is visited by the assessor, and on the basis of the information it has received, work estimates are prepared and the number of vehicles and cargoes required to move the office. In this case, the maximum precise calculation can be reduced cost of moving the office♪ Loading involves the selection of the vehicle in such a way that the goods are placed in the body with the maximum distribution rate in the area, thus avoiding damage to the property and reducing the cost of moving the office in connection with the order of an unjustified large machine.
  • At a pre-coordinated time, the loader team arrives at the facility to handle the furniture, pack it and carry out the other work contract. Equipment packed under all regulations and precautions shall be loaded in the vehicle.
  • The goods are transported directly and delivered to a new location. Employees unload things, put them in the room, collect and put them in.
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