Quarterly Relocation Of Lower Price

Квартирный и офисный переезд Нижний НовгородLower Novgorod Quarterly” is the most demanded service among the customers of the transport company " Transport " . We also operate office moves, long-distance moves, just across town and the suburbs. Many years of experience helps us to cope with the complex challenges of transport and handling.

Many suburbans sometimes decide on the organization of office or accommodation by city or region. It is possible to invite friends who know or hire private carriers and cargoes. But the most reliable and high-quality moves have been made by professionals involved in this case for many years. For example, drivers and cargoes of the suburban transport company " Transport " .

The advantages of moving with us.

By ordering the “removal of Lower Novgorod”, our clients take advantage of a number of advantages.

  • The manager ' s exit to assess the cost of an office or apartment move to Lower Novgorod is free of charge.
  • Packages, boxes, strip tapes, polyethylene inspected fibres and digitized cardboards for packing.
  • Before moving furniture and household equipment, special belts shall be placed in the Gazan body providing reliable fixing.
  • At the client ' s request after the shipment, our cargoes distribute furniture and household equipment to the right locations.
  • At the request of the employer, we conclude a contract indicating all the details of the relocation: the scope of the works, the list of the objects carried, the liability for damage, etc.
  • We can cover your cargo, for example, when we move outside the Suburban area.

Value to the Lower New City.

Cost of office or accommodation consists of the prices of transport, handling, additional services and packaging materials. Transport prices in Lower Novgorod and the areas in Gaza.

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