Quarterly Relocation To Another City

Как пережить квартирный

A lot of people like moving. However, this is due to the transfer to a new duty station or to the advantageous offer of work in another city, in any case, there is a need to face a whole range of difficulties associated with the relocation. All facilities, furniture, household equipment, personal things and a lot of other things from your old apartment need to be relocated to another city.

YouDolegko ' s online exchange will take such inter-urban issues relocationon your strong shoulders. By ordering us to move the apartment, you can save your powers, time and money.

Which is part of the house move.

The full range of services to move the apartment to another city includes:

  • Discharge and packaging services in the transport polyethylene film of your furniture;
  • The sorting and packaging of your personal effects, including domestic equipment: computers, refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, microwave ovens, clothing, shoes, etc.
  • Loading your goods in a cargo car by trucks;
  • Direct shipment of your assets to the destination city;
  • unloading your equipment from the trucks, raising the floor of the apartment;
  • Disclosure of your property and placement under your control in the new apartment;
  • Furniture collection with subsequent installation;
  • accompanied by a freight forwarder;
  • cleaning up an old apartment after moving.

Cost of accommodation

The minimum cost of 3,600 roubles is, however, more dependent on the following factors:

  • distance between cities where the apartment will be moved;
  • Load time;
  • List of additional services to be ordered;
  • Load capacity of the vehicle to be housed.
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