Resettlement Services

перевозка переговоркиIn its destructive effects and cost, one move, as popular wisdom states, is two fires. A few decades ago, people were really afraid of moving like fire. Some of the things suffered in transport, some in negligible loading. Something's lost in the bag.

But things have changed now!

Of course, some enthusiasts and today prefer to move things on their own with strength. But watchful people order relocation services from us.

Are you going to move?

переезд квартирыCongratulations! You've accessed the Terror 01 site, which provides the full range of relocation services.

You don't have to carry gravity, find packing material for fragile things, negotiate with transport companies. Our specialists will carefully pack your property and move to a new apartment.

For any organization, time is money. We understand that and work fast. There will be minimal work with the Star 01, and the level of our specialists will be very surprising.

переезд офисаIf your delivery is in the Moscow region or other neighbouring areas, you will boldly order a relocation service to our company. Enjoy communicating with nature, and we'll take care of moving.

Preparing for transport, lifting the stairs and not harming the instrument is a special art. Our company employs specialists who have been dragged to the top floors for a dozen piano.

Heavy designs weigh a few hundred kilograms and move special trucks. There are no unconditional items for the 01 cabinet!

преезд дачиIt's important to be careful! Your valuable items will be packed with great care, securely secured in the car and delivered to the destination in whole and intact.

Let your move be the concern of our staff, and the unpleasant surprises will make you a party. No box will slip out of the cargo's safe hands. There's no furniture item going around the corner. And, of course, nothing will be lost in the way. Order relocation services to Travel 01!

перевозка пианино перевозка сейфа

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