Transport Of Cargo Gas

Квартирный переезд на газели You moving? We'll help you!
If you've acquired new furniture or you need to move the existing one apartment to another, we're always at your service! Order a gasoline to move and loaders.

To produce quality Removal to gas We need to know all the nuances of the work to be undertaken so that you can, on the same day after so many troubles and thoughts about this natural disaster, with nothing to compare the apartment move, have been happy to breathe, leaving your eyes with a careful grip of furniture, and with a calm soul can move to new shocks that seem to us rich today. ♪ ♪

We'll need some information from you. First of all, identify areas of Moscow in which accommodationthis will allow for the determination of the cost of ordering a gas unit with the count of entry to the 3rd transport or the Sad ring. If I have to go after the CID, there'll be an amount of 15 p/km a distance to and from you.

Cost of accommodation

The cost of the accommodation is affected by the availability of the freight elevator at work locations. If it is not available, the number of floors at loading and unloading points should be known. Name the number and types of furniture, household equipment, boxes of things, books, articles of household, if you've already got everything ready and packed. Our price, called on the phone, will not change unless your plans and number of furniture and objects are altered by the way you move, because the cost of your apartment is determined by the person who will be directly involved in the process.

We've got a 12-m3 Gazelle furniture van, which allows for the transfer of objects to a single or two-room apartment in one car.

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