Transfer To Samura

переезд в Самару

Malofev on Scripchenko: if there's any suspicion that the dark is playing, we have to go.

The former chief coach of the prefabricated Belarus and a number of Russian clubs, Eduard Malofev, commented on the departure of his compatriots, Wadim Skrypchenko, from the post of Chief Coach Urala, to a similar position in the Councils Rail.

" I fully understand the logic of the Scripchenko decision to leave the Ural Company after the scandalous rumour of the Ekaterinburg match with the Terec. If there's a suspicion that you're being played by the dark, you should say goodbye, the sooner the better. And the fact that Scripchenko didn't explain anything very well, I'm sorry, coaches are human too. The sense of self-preservation is inherent in our profession, and the image of Don Quichot is no longer a romantic scar. Fighting with windmills who wish not to find a century of pragmatism! I've never made a fuss over it, I've had a heart attack. That's why everyone has to do their business. There are appropriate structures to comply with the law. We'll need help from Screepchenko, and he'll be approached.

Of course it's sad, but it happened before. I know a coach who, by accepting a proposal to lead one provincial Russian team on the season, just didn't understand why she was losing. Fat guys, hard work at training, won the first match, showing a bright game. But then it's a damn thing. The penalty's coming, they'll get down. Something else is going to happen. Coach squeezed his shoulders and surprised him, and the people who knew him started judging him. All right, there was a proper conversation, and the varage explained, "What did you want and why did you come? They're all supposed to be from last season! Don't eat anything!

Ask me the Scriptchenko advice, I would recommend that he do what he did. Yeah, moving to Samara is being debated. But the coach needs to work, it's more demanding. Trust a man who's been through years of unjust forgetting. The situation with the "Ringle"-- "Ural" was picnic, but that's a coincidence. Destiny plays human and human plays the pipe.” quotes Malofev Sputnik Belarus.

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