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Переезды Переед

Home move is one of the complex services that we provide for individuals, during your move, we guarantee the quality and speed of the work.

Home move: joy or disaster?

For many people, home moves seem to be a natural disaster. At home moves, there are many organizational issues that need to be addressed: searching for packaging material, generating large quantities of things, handling and collecting furniture, ordering cars and cargoes. Poorly organized home moves result in fatigue, unavoidable mortgages and spades that will result in time losses and extra cash costs.

If you don't want a home move to be a serious test for you and your family members, it's a job to trust people who do this professionally. A highly organized move will take you a minimum of time. For our company, home moves are one of the standard services. The basic requirements of the customers at home moves are simple: preservation of things, speed and punctuality, which we do. Order a truck to move.

Home move with VC Logistyx:

  • In response, we're offering you the cost of moving, which will be based on cost. cargo handling and transport on appropriate tariffs.
  • If the cost is fixed, we order the delivery of packing materials to your apartment/house a few days before moving.
  • Then we should move.
  • Payment is made on completion.

It's really simple!

Our staff will take care of the problems of moving home. We will carry out all necessary actions: packing and unpacking, handling, transportation, collection and placement of furniture, garbage disposal. Household relocation tariffs are low, each individualized and costed.

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