Order A Transfer Container

5.jpgHave you decided to change your place of residence? The simplest and cheapest way to move the dormitories is in the container. But there's no limit to the value of a container.

Okay, let's get to the point. In addition to the cost of transporting the container by rail, the total cost will be the work of the cargoes. The price depends on the floor, distance, value and fragility of objects, and it is said that even the floor of the customer ' s house is covered. The labor will have to cover 2,000 to 10,000 roubles, but this is to be ordered through a specialized company. Usually, in such cases, local palaces, friends or relatives are asked to help with loading, much less than 300 to 500 per person. The work of the truck, the work of the crane at the railway station, the sealing of the container and the processing of the documents are included in the cost of transport that we will call. Plan the shipment of the container at all times in advance, 2-3 days before the hour " X " , so as not to rush into packing, prepare all necessary documents and make arrangements with the cargoes.

The number of things carried depends on what you will be given. Regrettably, 3 tonnes and 5 tonnes were removed from production (implemented). In 2010, the RWC banned the transport of three and five of 2013 because of the heavy deterioration and interruption of their production in Russia and CIS countries. To date, our transport company, like all other companies, only ships 20 tons of containers (so-called " 20-tonic " ) and 40-foot containers (so-called " Korokachi " ) from Moscow, Moscow-Tovary-Paveletskaya, Moscow-Tovarnaya-Kursk. We take the cargo not only in Moscow, but also in Moscow.

Dear reader, ladies and gentlemen! Before we finish this article, we will remind you that Trans Region's transport company is primarily a Moscow company. We've received a lot of phone calls from almost all of Russia's cities. People want to send a shipment from anywhere but Moscow and Moscow. So again, if you wish to order the carriage of goods by rail by a container from other cities (regions) of the Russian Federation (i.e. not from the region) Moscow or Moscowthe same at the place where the goods are located (substances, household carbs) You need to find a transport company.

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